Category: Theaters
Place: Mede (PV)

CUSTOMER: Provincial Administration of Pavia 

PROJECT:  The theater has a rectangular shape, not perfectly symmetrical, and consists of two levels on different floors: the level of the stalls and that of the gallery above.

ASSIGNMENT: Our studio dealt with the analysis and simulation of the architectural acoustics of the structure for the redevelopment project of the Besostri Theater in Mede, in the province of Pavia. The intervention involved the study of the geometry of the room and interior coverings, the analysis of any materials to be used and their arrangement to optimize the acoustic quality of the theater.
The originally flat ceiling of the theater has been modified with an undulating shape consisting of modular hemisphere-shaped sectors of two different sizes that start from the stage and reach the back of the room. This intervention, for the length of the theater, can favor a better sound diffusion avoiding the problems of sound focus or other negative forms of sound concentration in particular points of the auditorium.
The side walls have been designed to provide enough low and uniform absorption to adjust the Reverberation Times (RT) at all frequencies.