Unfortunately, even if 15 years have passed since the specific standard on the minimum soundproofing power inside the apartments, many builders have not yet understood that to have certain results one must rely on professionals and not on material sellers, who, however much they work in the sector they do not necessarily have the necessary knowledge (not to mention the fact that they have to sell their products)
So, we are often called by exasperated owners because they hear the neighbour sneeze (or even something else) while they sleep, or we are called to companies that realize that the materials used do not have the capabilities promised by the supplier company.
We are specialized in the construction sector, and we can therefore carry out any type of analysis and above all we can suggest which actions to take to solve the problem, if there is the will to want to do it.
This sheet shows a negative test of a vertical partition, where, in the face of a law value of 50 dB, only 44 dB was reached due to a series of carelessness by the company.

This graph instead shows the soundproofing power of a facade of an apartment located near a railway, which did not reach the value of 40 dB required by the standard: